Monday, 17 May 2010

999 : injury update

Jim damages his ankle playing football ... looks serious !!!

Kieran visits a surgeon to be told he needs a knee operation for torn cartilage !!!

Joe has a broken finger nail and a slight swelling in his posterior !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT THESE MEN ARE TOUGH...... nothing will stop them on the Paris adventure and to honour the charitable donations... tune in next time to to another adventure with An Englishman, an Irishman & a Scotsman

training update

Jim has been pounding the roads... 3 punctures and a 5 mile standing cycle home because the back tyre was flat !!

Joe has been hitting the gym & 2 days of road cycling

Jim & Kieran complete 30 mile cycle in the Cairngorms (BIG Mountains) in 2 hours... Guinness pit stop 1/2 way and almost gatecrashed a highland wedding

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

facing your fears..

whilst drinking the "black stuff" and dreaming up this crazy challenge, Joe omitted what has turned out to be quite a REVELATION... until he started his on-road cycle training last week, he had NEVER (repeat NEVER) cycled on the road in the UK

now Jim is feeling quite good about this.. believing he wont finish last now ... Kieran is advising Joe to get really big, knobbly tyres because it will make the road journey much more comfortable for Joe... absolutely nothing to do with being competitive and trying to slow Joe down

so if there is anyone out there who can help Joe with his cycling proficiency test, please get in touch... but he looks lovely in his reflective ankle straps and stabilisers... roll on the French mountains :-)

challenge upon challenge

fantastic donations coming through, we have almost hit half our target so far, but some are starting to come with "STRINGS ATTACHED"

Amazing £250 offline contribution from Wolves Dave … but had some link to Joe & vaseline requirements!

Andy Butler has volunteered to double his contribution should the Irish ‘Leo Sayer’ belt out “You Make Me Feel like Dancing” while cycling down the Champs-Elysees! Needless to say, Kieran has accepted the challenge!, but I'm sure Andy actually was referring to Joe!!!

Elderien says she will double her donation provided we make sure Joe does every mile... no problem

All challenges gratefully accepted and welcomed. Many thanks from all three of us on behalf of CLIC Sargent”