Sunday, 6 June 2010

3 weeks to go

Joe has a new, super-duper bike and all the equipment/cycle clothing that only a premium credit card can provide for you. He has been putting in the miles and told us all that he did a hill climb that had a gradient of 1 in 1... he almost made it all the way... do we believe him re the 1 in 1 gradient... OF COURSE WE DO, WE ARE TEAM MATES

Jim has been top of the league with clocking up the miles AS HE HAS BEEN DOING A PUNISHING 2 RIDES PER DAY ON 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS... impressive. But he is also clocking up the number of punctures... hopefully not an omen for the trip as he has been getting one at least every 2 days recently, sometimes 2 in a day !!

Kieran had a compete tyre BLOW OUT after descending a hill at over 40mph... and 10 miles away from the car. Luckily with Jim's puncture repair over the outside of the tyre and a new inner tube which was 1/4 inflated, he managed the 2 mile mountain climb back and the full 10 miles to return to the car. In the process he damaged the CRANK and HEADSET (sounds painful) so bike has been in for repair

All in all, the team are in good spirits, good condition and looking forward to the ride.. but not the 3 days in the saddle

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  1. Joe confirms that his recent acquisition is not quite "new, super-duper" (more like "2nd hand ebay"), but he's enjoying the ride. With Jim also getting a new bike, the pair of them are hoping to be able to keep up with Kieran 'Armstrong' McGowan on those steep slopes in France.